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Deathbed Diaries & Jailhouse Journals

Top Ten things you won't ever

hear me say...


  1.  I wish there was some more cops around.

  2.  No thanks. I don't wanna smoke pot.

  3.  You're showing way too much cleavage in that dress.

  4.  Yeah, I would love to go to church with you.

  5.  Please stop performing oral sex on me.

  6.  Of course I want to hang out with your kids.

  7.  Let’s go karaoke.

  8.  I love Texas country and being associated with it.

  9.  Musicians are good, loyal, honest people.

10.  Your intelligence intimidates me.



July 28, 2006


i almost ran over a homeless person today.

i can only assume he was homeless.

he was pushing a grocery cart.

it was stuffed with coats and shoes and shit.

he was talking to himself.

he was walking down the side of a highway.

he there decided to try and push his cart up a curb.

he lost control of his balance and the cart.

he fell backward into the middle of the street.

i stopped just feet from his head.

he got up and dusted himself off.

then he shot me the finger.  i smiled.


i don't know why, but it made me feel good all day.

Deathbed Diaries & Jailhouse Journals by Scott Copeland

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